Online gambling has proliferated rapidly from since couple of years and the number of its users has increased exponentially. But still some of them may not be able to differentiate Bitcoin Only Casino and bitcoin casino. So let do something to know the difference by reading this article. As it’s very much clear from the name that Bitcoin Only Casino deal with the bitcoins only and whole the system is only dedicated to it but other casinos have to do some other different tasks as well.

Comparison of Traditional online casino and Bitcoin only casino

The first and the most important difference between these two is the cost of operation. Here only cost is paid to the staff of service which offered faster service to the users than the traditional online casinos. Not this only but users can utilize this amount as per their will. In the traditional casinos all the additional expenses come at the price of customers. They are charged for the withdrawal requests and reduction in the slots or table odds games. The real currency of Euros, US Dollar can be directly deposited into the users account without any other hidden charges and without the intervention of bank or government bodies. Another difference is that depending the amount and withdrawal method, players are charged between $25 to 100 not matter where they are withdrawing the amount. There is a dramatic growth can be noticed in the Bitcoin casinos operation.

No extra cost of tax or payable to the operation charges

Why Bitcoin Only Casino is the best over other because of they are not charging any other kind of extra charge from the customers or users of it whether they are from any part of the world. Without delaying more than 10 to 12 hours, the users are getting their hard earned online money in their account. Instead they are able to directly convert the amount into their account without the involvement of any government organization like back.

Growth of economy

The bitcoin cryptocurrency indirectly helps to boost the economy of the country as it has become a global force. When we compare it with competitors then we find that bitcoin only casino works at lower cost. Also it provides the users different betting options. The games like Craps, Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette are with wagering and many varieties.